Founded in Turkey in 1952, WOOLONA combines the many years of experience of the HASYÜN brand with the natural purity and originality of wool. WOOLONA stands for the naturalness of its wool with the quality of its guidelines for the global textile sector as part of the WOOLMARK COMPANY. The company designs its products with the unsurpassed quality of Merino sheep's wool and has a healthy product range with natural fiber sources.


It is exceptionally thin and fine, odorless and it is significantly less scratchy than conventional wool. The origins of the merino sheep go back to North Africa, but today their largest breeding herds are in Australia and New Zealand. Australian merino wool covers around a third of the world's wool and requires around 100 million sheep, which deliver a maximum of 10 kilograms of wool per piece in one year.

Even after several days of wearing, a merino garment does not begin to smell and has a natural self-cleaning function, so to speak. Merino wool hardly loses its warmth, even if it is sweaty. Unique properties, such as natural thermoregulation, make wool a very popular full-fledged natural functional fiber. The wool of Australian sheep has a special role to play in the outdoor industry.

ADVANTAGES OVER the competition

Functional clothing or underwear, sportswear, base layers, shirts and underwear - they are all produced for the market in both qualities. But which processing has the edge in a comparison?

Experience shows that all merino clothing is particularly suitable for long tours and hikes and remains odorless and extremely breathable even after long periods of wear. Fewer changing clothes in the luggage saves the weight that would be less with clothes made of polyester or polyamide. The great wearing comfort on the skin and the absolutely unrivaled natural temperature regulation speak clearly in favor of merino wool. Since merino underwear is offered in different designs, you don't have to do without it in summer either.

In contrast to synthetic fabrics, no chemicals are used in the entire production chain and all merino articles are 100% recyclable.


Many positive properties make merino wool a real all-rounder, which is not only comfortable to wear and exudes high quality, but has also advanced to become a very sustainable raw material. We only support merino wool producers who don't give mulesing a place in their animal husbandry.

That is why we attach great importance to species-appropriate breeding of the sheep and convince ourselves of it personally. We know that this selection costs more, but we owe you as a consumer perfect products and the sheep the right to a species-appropriate life.

As a natural raw material, wool grows permanently and can be broken down without leaving any residue. Their resource-saving processing is always integrated into a sustainable process that we are happy to support 100 percent.